Asian handicap and Goal lines

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In this article we will talk about asian handicap and goal lines and their advantages than the usual bets .

In the betting business all the punters and professional bettors ( like us from have good knowledges and know what to expect from the football matches and most of the times win,but sometimes a lot of surprises happened in the last minutes or even seconds of a match which can steal our money and to make us a big crash . For this cases Asian handicap is the best solution for professional bettors who bet with high sums . We recommend,for example , when you expect a home team win to use Asian handicap +0 for your team, this way the odd will be decreased but the safety will be increased with 33% , when home team win you make money but if the match surprisingly end as a draw you back your money and your bet is voided . This way of betting in a long term will guarantee you bigger profits . There are alos other handicaps likes +1 ;  -1 ; +1,5 and etc that alos can help you in your predictions

Goal lines are also interesting and profitable way of betting based on the same structure like the asian handicap . Here you again will decrease the odds but increase your safety . For example you think that Schalke – Hertha match will end with over 2,5 goals in the match ,but you bet with high sums and want to be sure that you will win or at least get your money back,then bet on Over 2,0 goals line,this way if the match is 3+ goals you win,but if the match contains only 2 goals ( 1-1 ; 2-0 ; 0-2) you will get your 100% stake of the bet in your betting account and will prevent the lose.

We from , strongly recommend asian markets – goal lines and handicaps , and you will see that your winnings will be increased and the bankroll also. We hope that we help you really to make your betting life better after reading of this article



Key of the betting success

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In this article we are going to explain you some important and simple conditions for success in betting . The first and may be the most important thing before starting to bet as a hobby or professional is everyone ot think about carefully before actions and to be disciplined . This condition is the main condition and the base of betting success according to our team . Lets talk about directly with the other conditions and things that you have to make if you want to be a successful bettor. First of all you have to invest nice bankroll for betting which you can afford to lose and to be calm when you make bets.For example your bankroll is 10,000 euros and you have to bet every time every single bet with 5% of your bankroll,in this case means with 500 euros stake per bet . This stake will increase when your bank,for example, becomes 20,000 euros and then the 5% of your bankroll will be 1000 euros per bet and this way you proceed in the future to increase your balance we hope . We recommend not ot be emotional and to bet nervously after a losing bet and not to place bets on favourite teams,this two things can crash your balance,because of that be calm every time . Other advice is to bet only on single games,no combos or accumulators,only single games,because this is your chance to increase the balance consistently with your knowledges not with your luck . No matter if the combo contains only 3 games with small odds ( 1.30-1,40) because no matter if the odd is 1,30 or 2,30 this is match and everything can happen even in the most sure games. If you bet on singles your chance to win is 50% if you bet 3 matches in a combo you chance to win is 17 % ( stats are from average bettting for the last year) no matter the odds. Recommend to bet on singles with odds 1,80+ if it available because such odds in a long term will bring you nic and easy profit. In conclusion we will repeat again everything in one sentence about the key of betting success – discipline and balance that you can afford to lose , singles betting every time with 5% of your bankroll and odds 1,80+  . This way with the time if you have more than 55% strike rate of your matches in a long term and with increasing o your bankroll and single stake you will make nice income. Wish luck to all bettors